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Push to the limit !

I tried to convince my husband that I will not drive in Corsica. Since I had my licence I never get to drive here as it could be stressful….stressful, and have aggressive, crazier drivers than in Marseille. For some great reasons that roads are not only twisted but also very narrow. Add to that quite dark roads without no lights in the mountain side could be really exhausting and dangerous especially at night. Some part of the roads have lights only when you enter in the rural area. Along that winding roads will be in total darkness. When I mean dark just imagine yourself blind ! This is a not to exaggerate things.

Image from goolge.comWe went to Bastia to spend sometime at the beach since we’ve gone to rivers three times already during our first week in Corsica. Later that day we have to meet up with hubby’s childhood friend who’s apparently organizing a karaoke every Friday night. Obviously, we have stayed up late. My intuition serves me right since yesterday morning when we left the…