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Panic in Boracay

An hour late from Manila to Boracay. GREAT ! Okay, fine I am used to delayed flight anyway as long as we’ll wait under a good condition. The waiting is finally over…. we’re then off to Boracay. The escapade started to get hard...damn hard! Arriving Boracay….POWER FAILURE…twice GREATER….take note during our stay and until when…I don’t know! Poor tourists. We were accompanied directly to our hotel room to put our stuffs then off to find a restaurant because our uncontrollable rumbling stomach were complaining. A few steps away from hotel we have found an authentic Filipino restaurant. Good quality service, clean and easy on the pocket. The plates are in an ideal form, the original native plates and banana leaves to complete that extra ordinary service. Delayed flight and power failure, are unimportant as we have compensated ourselves with that scrumptious lunch we have had. Good thing, everything was arranged for us by our tourist agent from ticket to hotel pick up/transfer and breakfas…

Exclusively for singles

Festival d'amour aux Phillipines
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I didn't know about this tradition until I read it from Le Monde. The street festival which is the Feast of San Roque dates back from 18th century, when the citizens of Valenzuela initially gave gratitude to their patron saint, San Roque. Women from different barangays (neighbourhoods) of the city come simultaneously to dance in a street procession which lasts day and night.

The legend says it that if a woman wishes to find a boyfriend or a husband she needs to join the street dance before her wish could be granted by San Roque. Thus, this Saint's Day serves to separate single women who are searching from those who are already taken. Apparently, much easier for men to select the woman of their dreams ! As anticipated then, the parade of dancing ladies is the source for grand animation and the ambiance is always joyful.

So singles out there men and women, foreigners and locals...visit Valenz…