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Ja ich will !

As promised I will tell you about the wedding ceremony we attended last month. Two days before leaving for Corsica we went to a bridal celebration of mixed races, a French and German couple (thanks to them I met Kala). We left Friday as my Honey is on RTT (r├ęduction de temps de travail) to get ready for the wedding the next day since the celebration was neither in Marseilles nor in Aix-en Provence. So the less haste the better right? Friday was an ideal time to leave home and it took us 7 hours to get to Auberge (An Inn) and not a Hotel. It would be complex to find a good hotel as we were in the middle of nowhere and it sounds as if there is one. As we took our destination the scenery are captivating and totally different from Marseilles. All along the way as we drove we found the environment warmer, with lush green trees, cleaner atmosphere…a heavenly splendid place. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the panorama as we thought we were not on the right track. The GPS lost his way so …

Please keep them away

Accidents happen everyday in just a split of seconds. Where do you usually keep your hair dryer? And how about storing household cleaning products? Some of us, we keep our hairdryers in the bathroom for facility of plugging into the outlets. Others keep them in their drawer’s bedroom which I think is safer. Some households products are in the toilet for accessibility or store cabinets of the kitchen which is really recommended. Parents have many chores to oversee at home and this may seem very little to think of or somehow being taken for granted but we can certainly avoid terrible circumstances.

One time I was watching news and I heard a terrible accident. I will not get into details as it was a horrible incident. A woman was drying her hair while her three kids were taking a bath in the tub. Suddenly the phone rung she ran to answer it immediately and forgot to unplug the hair dryer. One of the kids took the dryer and played with it. Unfortunately, they've got electrocuted and …

The challenges of my mothering in a foreign country

This is a post I made from PMN long time ago and this is my way of advertising that our site Pinoy Moms Network (PMN) is now working! According to our administrators the site had experienced some technical problems and they were able to finally fix it. All is well, BRAVO and thank you for your time and patient in fixing them! We are still in Corsica and while I am busy working out on some things I will leave you with this long post !

I speak from experience that raising kids in a foreign land is a tedious undertaking. I knew from the beginning that I would raise them differently because they had two origins. Therefore, they would have two different cultures, two or more languages, religions and everything that would go with it as a product of mixed marriages.Talking about culture, I believe that as a stay at home mother I play an important role in instilling good values and discipline while husband is at work. This does not necessarily mean that my French husband has nothing to do when…