Thursday, August 23, 2007

Les astuces du jardin

Ca faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas deployer sur mon blog pas un seul mots en Français ! La raison, je n'ai même pas pu en placer une. Je suis une grande paresseuse! Ce n'est pas grave c'est les vacances donc je mets les pieds dans la pédale! Alors là, le moment est venu de me commencerai donc par une histoire légère !

Tout l'été le parc près d'où nous vivons est presque tous les jours fermer pour eviter l'incendie. Mais hier aprés-midi c'était exceptionnel car il était ouvert tout la journée. Malgré les vents un peu frais qui m'a fait frissonner je suis sorti avec les enfants. Au lieu d'aller ailleurs se promener je me suis dis pourquoi pas sortir un moment privilégier pour s'aérer juste à côté de chez nous. Bonne chose, je ne conduirerai pas!

Nous étions sorti avec la voisine et avec sa chienne au parc. C'est toujours sympa de discuter avec les gens parce que je continue à découvrir tant chose sur la France pendant que les enfants se regale au parc avec les autres enfants. Nous avons decidé d'allé dans la forêt un peu plus loin et puis en marchant nous avons trouvé un figuier. Ca fait 6 ans je suis en France mais je n'ai jamais goûter une figue bien fraiche ! Eh oui ! Ce qui est dommage il y avait pas mal déjà sont tombé par terre et les gens qui se balladent ne fais pas attention avec la chance qu'ils ont ! Donc, je ne participerai pas à cette mal attention. C'est un peu ça le désavantage de l'insensibilité, nous pouvons presque tout avoir jusqu'à ne plus savoir quoi en faire même la nature nous donne des surprirse avec tout sa doucer. Certes, la défi commence! Pour ne pas gâcher j'ai grimper un peu plus haut jusqu'au ce que je l'attrape les fruits ! Eh oui, je suis une sacré scaladeur ! Voila les figues (Ficus Carica) que j'ai ramassée ! Il y avait une mère avec sa fille qui ramassait avec joie des figues bien mur et je suis contente de voir ces gens là qui partagent mes sentiments, contribué à mieux faire connaître et respecter la nature !

Huh, ce n'était pas facile de grimper un arbre surtout si l'àge est mis en question ! Je ne me rappele plus la dernière fois j'ai grimpe un arbre....mais la sensation j'ai eu la haut est inexplicable ! Si comme c'était hier ! Et à ce moment-là, mes souvenirs remonte et grimper un arbre est une partie de mes souvenirs d'enfance.

Je suis rentée à la maison fière et contente ! Tandis que les enfants prenaient un bain, j'e me demande quest-ce que je peux faire avec ses figues ? Voila une meilleure idée....faire de la confiture ;) ! J'ai toujours voulu apprends comment faire de la confiture.

J'ai trouve dans mon tiroir un produit Alsa que j'ai gardé depuis un moment. C'est un produit qui existe depuis des années. Il sagit de poudre constitué de peptine qui a pour but de gelifier naturellement la confiture et garder sa fraicheur bien longtemps comme de la confiture qu'on achete dans la grande surface. Ce produit est trés utile dans tous les cas de cuisine. A l'interieur de cette boite vous trouvez 5 sachettes de gelifiant (equivalent de 10 to 12 pots) et un petit livret contenant la notice et surtout plusieurs recettes facile à suivre. Si vous voulez reussi avec vos confitures n'oubliez pas d'acheter ce produits qui vous aidera de faire une delicieuse confiture maison ♫♫ ! Je me mets aux fourneaux et aux casseroles ! J'ai commencé à suivre la recette, et puis basta !

Ma conclusion finale de cette experience, nous devons prendre soin de la nature un peu plus et qu'elle doit faire partie de notre quotidien spontanement. Pensons a notre environnement à ces quelques gestes qui ne coûtent rien et peuvent apporter tant des belles choses ! Et la voila, ma confiture trés appétissante à base des figues succulentes ! Vous trouvez pas ça génial !!!

Translation :

It’s been a long time that I was not able to unfold on my blog not only one French word! The reason, I could not even place one of them. I am a lazy fart! It doesn’t matter it’s holidays then I need to have a break! Well, the moment came for me to dig in… I will start from a light anecdote!

Every summer the park close to where we live is almost close every day to avoid the fire. But yesterday it was exceptional because it was open all the day. In spite of the little fresh wind which made me shiver I went out with the children. Instead of going elsewhere for a stroll I thought of going out and why not take the privilege time to have a fresh air just near our area. Good thing, I will not drive!

We went out together with our neighbor and her dog for a stroll at the park. It is always nice to discuss with people because I continue to discover so much things about France while the children themselves are having fun with other children. We decided to go in the forest a little further and then while walking we found a fig tree. It’s been 6 years that I live in France but I have never tasted a fresh fig ! Oh yes! What’s unfortunate about this is that there were a lot of figs which already fell on the ground and people who promenade do not pay attention with the chance that they have! Therefore, I will not participate in this blithe indifference of the plight. It’s the disadvantage of insensitivity, we can almost have everything not knowing what to do until the nature reserve us surprises with all its gentleness. Indeed, the challenge starts! I cannot afford to waste them so I climbed a little higher until I reached the fruits! Yes I am tree hiker! Voila,the figs (Ficus Carica) which I collected! There was a mother with her daughter who also harvested with joy the figs and I am glad to see these people who share my feelings, contribute to know better and to respect the nature!

Huh, it was not easy to climb a tree especially if we speak about the age! I cannot recall when was the last time I climbed a tree…but the feeling I had on top was inexplicable! As if it was yesterday! And, at this time, all the memories came back and climbing a tree is part of my childhood memories.I am went home proud and happy! While the kids take their bath, I was asking what to do with the figs? Voila, a better idea…to make a jam ;) ! I’ve always wanted to learn how to make it.I found inside my drawer an Alsa product which I kept since. It is a product which exists since years. It’s a powder made up of peptin the purpose of which is to jellify the fruits into liquid and naturally keeps its freshness even more longer. It’s already like those jam that can be brought in the groceries. This product is very useful in all sorts of cooking. Inside you will find 5 sachets in powder (each sachet could make 10 to 12 pots) with an instructions and containing a small leaflets with a lot of easy recipes to follow. If you want to succeed with your jams do not forget to buy this products which will help you to make a delicious house made jams ♫♫! I am ready to face my stove and the pans! I started to follow the recipe, and then go!

My final conclusion of this experience, we should take care of the nature moreoften and it should spontaneously be a part of our daily lives. Let us think of our environment with these little gestures which do not cost anything and can bring a lot of beautiful things to us! And there you go my savorous jam made from succulent figs ! Don’t you find it brilliant!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Corsica and its beauty

After celebrating Mayumi's baptism , that night of the same day we boarded at 9:30 PM heading off to Corsica arriving the next day at 6:30 AM. Each year we spend summer holidays in the mountain to escape from the polluted, noisy, stressing, and congested city of Marseille. Corsica is an island and region of France and is the 4th largest island in Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily, Sardinia which is 7-mile (11-km) a short strait from Bonifacio 56 miles (90 km) from northwestern Italy, and Cyprus ) . It is also known as "L'île de Beauté" (Island of Beauty) because of its enchanting mountainous green environment, the wildlife animals, rocky cliffs, pure and crystal clear lakes and rivers, mutli colored sea, white fine beaches, the Corsican typical houses and gastronomy. Inhabitants of Corsica are mostly from Marseilles and they consider it as their second home.

Arriving early in the morning at the port of
Propriano I didn't expect that travelling from there would be strenuously hard (it was our first time normally we take Port of Bastia). Some of you are aware that I have a transportation problem of any sorts. Same old banana, but this time it was not a catastropic experience for me. Unfortunately, my poor little girl suffered a lot from this trip ! I'll spare you the disgusting details. It was like following the trail of a big roller coaster!

Being in the village of 69 permanent residents, with a surface of 22 km ² and 894 meters of altitude on a surface of 2.379 hectares (either 2,9 hab/km ²) are just perfect to find fresher air and tranquility. Our first week was consecrated from cleaning the house itself and its sorroundings, to paint and treat the wooden windows and doors with special products for maintenance, to construct a bench made of stone just under the figue tree, to spend our time together as family going at the beach and river and discussing with the villagers is always included in our lists.

The village where family house is located

I took a picture from the old room of frenchhubby of this bee hives with manufactured honey already ! We let this area close for a week because they could be dangerous for the kids. We asked help from Antoine who is an apiculteur (beekeeper) at the same time has a miellerie (production and sells honey).

We tried really hard to regain the beehives but there was no other way to recuperate it so we ended up exterminating them. I know it was unfortunate but I prefer the safety of my kids !

I will leave you with the first part of our Corsica expedition and will tell you more of my exciting stories with our invited friends !


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tagged : What were you thinking?

Got tagged by Analyse! Now, the question is what were you thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)

Working in shifting hours is quite exhausting, the young woman was just starting her day while everyone's ready to put their pajamas on. She was well paid, she enjoyed entertaining clients, she was good in pacifying an angry client, she could be tough with her subordinates. After working for 5 years and 3 months in the Hotel Business to be exact the young woman was contented to end her career working night and day, day and night. So then she definitely wants CHANGE !

A friend (who's an ex employee of hotel) asked the young woman if she wanted to apply at their international office. This friend has been asking her many times and long time ago but she refuses to apply. This time proposition was granted. To make the story short, the young woman applied, had undergone interviews and later on hired by the
Company as an assistant to the Executive Secretary at the same time receptionist (the only position that was available).

One morning, the young woman went to her new office, prepared herself for her first day to work with new people, new environment and new things to be learned. She though of having to start a new beginnings! After 5 long years of shifting hours and sleepless nights she will be able to see sun rises again. Suddenly, a man of white race came in, wearing a blue slacks and yellow short sleeves shirt with his laptop bag. Here goes the conversation :

Young woman : "Good Morning Sir" with a warm greeting & a fortune smile (take note) !

White race man : "Good Morning" responded with coldness not even a smile and went straight to his office

Young woman : "Who was he ?" asking her colleague with rasing eyebrows

Officemate : Oh he is our Sales Manager and he's French ! He just arrived November 1998.

Young Woman : Oh I see, that's why he's a snob he's French! Sayang guapo pa naman sya ! (It's a pity, he's handsome though)

The young woman thought that there was only one Expatriate and that's the Director and President of the Company ! She was surprised to see this snobbish French Man of which she thought one of their clients. (During the interview Frenchie was in Singapore)

So then, the young woman has no choice but obliged to work with this snobbish frenchie! Everyday is a battle for her. Later on frenchie learned to greet the young woman with a smile every morning ! The young woman wanted to learn french, she always love to learn other language. With her curiousity he asked Frenchie how to say to a woman that she's beautiful in French. So she got the answer accompanied by a naughty smile " Tu manges comme un petit cochon " (You eat like a pig....this is the real meaning of this) and winked at her...and she believed him ! From there, a beautiful love story started !

..............And we are living happily ever after !

P.S. I just learned later on that it was love at first sight for Frenchie ;) !