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Les astuces du jardin

Ca faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas deployer sur mon blog pas un seul mots en Français ! La raison, je n'ai même pas pu en placer une. Je suis une grande paresseuse! Ce n'est pas grave c'est les vacances donc je mets les pieds dans la pédale! Alors là, le moment est venu de me commencerai donc par une histoire légère !

Tout l'été le parc près d'où nous vivons est presque tous les jours fermer pour eviter l'incendie. Mais hier aprés-midi c'était exceptionnel car il était ouvert tout la journée. Malgré les vents un peu frais qui m'a fait frissonner je suis sorti avec les enfants. Au lieu d'aller ailleurs se promener je me suis dis pourquoi pas sortir un moment privilégier pour s'aérer juste à côté de chez nous. Bonne chose, je ne conduirerai pas!

Nous étions sorti avec la voisine et avec sa chienne au parc. C'est toujours sympa de discuter avec les gens parce que je continue à découvrir tant chose sur la France pendant que les…

Corsica and its beauty

After celebrating Mayumi's baptism , that night of the same day we boarded at 9:30 PM heading off to Corsicaarriving the next day at 6:30 AM. Each year we spend summer holidays in the mountain to escape from the polluted, noisy, stressing, and congested city of Marseille. Corsica is an island and region of France and is the 4th largest island in Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily, Sardinia which is 7-mile (11-km) a short strait from Bonifacio 56 miles (90 km) from northwestern Italy, and Cyprus) . It is also known as "L'île de Beauté" (Island of Beauty) because of its enchanting mountainous green environment, the wildlife animals, rocky cliffs, pure and crystal clear lakes and rivers, mutli colored sea, white fine beaches, the Corsican typical houses and gastronomy. Inhabitants of Corsica are mostly from Marseilles and they consider it as their second home.

Arriving early in the morning at the port ofPropriano I didn't expect that travelling from there would be stren…

Tagged : What were you thinking?

Got tagged byAnalyse! Now, the question is what were you thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)

Working in shifting hours is quite exhausting, the young woman was just starting her day while everyone's ready to put their pajamas on. She was well paid, she enjoyed entertaining clients, she was good in pacifying an angry client, she could be tough with her subordinates. After working for 5 years and 3 months in the Hotel Business to be exact the young woman was contented to end her career working night and day, day and night. So then she definitely wants CHANGE !

A friend (who's an ex employee of hotel) asked the young woman if she wanted to apply at their international office. This friend has been asking her many times and long time ago but she refuses to apply. This time proposition was granted. To make the story short, the young woman applied, had undergone interviews and later on …