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break loose

I stopped doing rigid sport at the age of 25 ! Got married at the age of 29 ! Had my first baby at the age of 31. I still do some activities from time to time to maintain my figure. Got preggy for the second time at 33 ! Still into sports but not religiously doing it. Since then I gained weight ! Now, I have difficulties in losing them. I don't do strict diet but sometimes I am force to do so ! I wanted to get back to my original weight which is 50 kls! I measure 5'4" inches and presently weighs 58-59 kls. I tried to avoid eating starchy food, control my eating habits, decreases my intake of sweets and junk foods. I have tried some program from the internet, it didn't work out ! If you have some secrets to share on how to lose weight please do ! Don't tell me I should do liposuction, assure me please !Analyse, you always stunned me with your slim silhoutte model like (ano ba kasing ginagawa mo ?).....

missing you

Dear friends,

It's been 2 weeks I haven't been blogging and bloghopping because our bathroom is under renovation. As much as I would like to visit you all unfortunately we are temporarily out from home because of the dust, mess and the stinky smell of painting which are not evident for us especially for the kids. Since then we stay at a friend's flat (she works in Paris) 20 minutes drive from our place. Thanks to her we have the studio at our own disposition ! Just passing by from time to time at home to oversee if things are advancing and to assist the construction people if in case they need something. On the side, I check my mails and make a quick peep through your blogs ;) !

I owe you blogger friends but I will see you all very soon. Now I am thinking how to start cleaning the whole mess HELP :( !!!!