Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A year of work...I''ve suddenly reached the end

Finally, I am able to find time to update you and would be able to stay at home more often as I am unemployed. Yes, you heard me right, unemployed ! You will all probably thinking why while I just started working beginning of last year. Unfortunately, the restaurant I was working with have closed effectively 31 of December last year. It was quite tough for the owner to close the restaurant because we have a good team as we all just get along. We avoid conflicts, we compromise, we help each other, we share loads, we give in a a lot of our time which is very rare between colleagues. We're not only co-workers but we all became friends. Plus, the restaurant is not bad at all as we have many clients coming in.

The reason why they needed to close is they have opened other business near their place and will be working with all the family members. Plus, they would not rent the commercial place because they own it. Besides, they couldn't assure to manage 2 restaurants at the same time. The owner preferred to end up the leasing contract of the restaurant business, which is extremely expensive as it is located inside the commercial area. I perfectly understand the owner because they are tired of driving 2 hour just to manage the restaurant. They've been doing that for 3 long years, working from 9 in the morning until closing time at 10 in the evening from Mondays to Saturdays is no doubt tedious and complex. And the day called Sundays are their only free day. I guess, it's time for them  to turn the page. 

Thanks for the photos

As for us employees, we need to also find another job. Personally, I will be looking for job later on after our Philippine vacation. I wouldn't want to look right now as in few months I will be away for a month or so. There will be no employer who will hire so I am not in a hurry to find one. My CV and cover letter are already done and I am hoping to find a job that will let me do the things that I am good at and with flexible hours. I mean working during the day while my kids are at school and still be able to do Mom's job at the same time. Like dropping them off to school and picking them up at the end of the day as I will not opt for childcare because it's expensive. I know having three kids is never easy as I need to juggle a full time job at home and work part time, but I love it. Anyway, my options are either part time or half day job, never full time as family is my ultimate priority ! I'm keeping my fingers crossed to that opportunity.