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I have the reason to rant !

My kids are in the same school since year 2005 and I admit that parking is not easy as the roads are narrow. But this is not a good reason to park your car in the handicap space. There are streets wherein parents could easily park their cars which is probably 5 minutes away from the school.  Seriously, a five minute walk isn't long and not bad for the health. I've seen many parents who has only one child to take care of but are not ashamed to park in the handicap area. This is killing me ! Signs clearly shows that the only cars allowed to park are persons with handicap! Everytime, I see those parents who ignore the car panel I cannot help but comment. They park the car just to pick up their kids to make things easier for them....the nerve ! There are some cases, that parents park as close to the entrance so they won‘t even bother to walk. But wait sidewalks are for pedestrians right ? We need to walk safely against fast cars and busy streets but how can we do that if there are…