Saturday, June 16, 2012

On social network : the wonder that is me !

I have closed my Friendster account before it close. I am happy ! Now, I only have Facebook, no myspace & no twitter account or the likes thank goodness ! I have my Multiply but it's privately for photos only. Plus, I don't have many contacts from there only very very close people.

 It's really hard to manage many social websites and sometimes could be boring. I don't know with you but personally I find it uninteresting to post your bag collection, shoe collection just to show to the whole world you have all those branded stuffs. Or the worst what people has been doing and will post every minute. Sometimes even doing nothing is a status already. I have come across a status update that really sucks like busy, eating, watching tele etc ....

First off, it's tough to talk about yourself. But whenever I go through discussions I have this impression that the ratio of interest is becoming too low because of "showing off" ! For sure shouting what you possess doesn't mean you will gain more friends, that would be pathetic ! I don't think that social websites should be used to brag. Firstly, social websites are made to reconnect people. It also helps us to change how we interact to people like many employers use social websites to recrute, to discover many talents like photography, artwork, cuisines and more interesting information. 

Well, despite of all these I am still keeping my Facebook account only for one's easier to reconnect with my families and friends back home. To share and not to brag, those are completey different things.