Sunday, March 04, 2012

the city of romance

Philippines is known for its hospitality. I definitely agree not because I am a Filipina but because anywhere I go, whoever I meet people keep on telling me that. I have worked in the hotel industry for almost 7 years and clients tell me that we Filipinos are very warm and hospitable. This is a natural trait that we can be proud of although we are not the only country but I guess Asians are all alike.

It's been 11 years I've been living in France and I could really tell the difference between France and home. The service in France isn’t best known for its high level. I have may experiences during my first year in France most of them are good than bad probably because I live in the South or because I don't speak French yet, thanks to that. At least, I would not struggle to understand them. One more thing, perhaps I'm like a magnet that attracts nice & warm people so my experiences are mostly good. Honestly, I never lived anywhere else but in the South though I have been to many places in France, center, north, east, west. People in the south are much more different from those who lives in the capital Paris. I remember reacquiring my Filipino nationality, I asked a Monsieur where to find the way going to a place and he just answered me abruplty saying "I don"t know" I could compare it to " I don't care". Me, thinks that there is another way to speak to a missing stranger. It is very polite to excuse oneself's saying you're not from the place. That I would have understood. Locals in Paris are definitely unwelcoming & much more snobbish. Excuse me, even "some" Filipinos I met in Paris are far more different from those Filipinos who live in the South. Some Filipinos have lost their smile, maybe it's the steel grey sky in Paris why people are cold, serious and unfriendly. Though I am thankful that I have friends who live in Paris but they keep to be joyful and warm.

thanks to this site for the wonderful photo

In Marseille, when you are lost they would help you in anyway they can even if their English is bad. They would explain to you how to get to the place speaking in English with a French accent, I find it cute. In Marseille, I feel I am HOME. Speaking English is an effort for the locals. When you go to restaurants waiters and servers are warm, friendly and smiling people. They even joke with clients. I just don't know in Paris though been to restaurants in Paris (but it was a Chinese & Japanese restaurants) was not speaking French at that time so wasn't aware how they treat their clients. Went to a French restaurant with husband so I let him do the talking. In Marseille, when you take a public transportations (metros and buses) they will generously help you especially if they see you traveling with toddlers on strollers. While in Paris they don't really care as they are too busy in the day to day life this is according to many friends I have talked to.

Once husband had an offer to work in their office in Paris but he definitely said NO ! Telling me, Paris is a very nice city, one of the most visited city in the world. PARIS is magic but he wouldn't live there. If he finds himself in Paris it is because the office sent him there or we are invited by friends. We are contented and so lucky to have the calanques, the sun, the seas, the mountains and woudln't gamble it away against the city of romance. I'm with him 100% !