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the city of romance

Philippines is known for its hospitality. I definitely agree not because I am a Filipina but because anywhere I go, whoever I meet people keep on telling me that. I have worked in the hotel industry for almost 7 years and clients tell me that we Filipinos are very warm and hospitable. This is a natural trait that we can be proud of although we are not the only country but I guess Asians are all alike.

It's been 11 years I've been living in France and I could really tell the difference between France and home. The service in France isn’t best known for its high level. I have may experiences during my first year in France most of them are good than bad probably because I live in the South or because I don't speak French yet, thanks to that. At least, I would not struggle to understand them. One more thing, perhaps I'm like a magnet that attracts nice & warm people so my experiences are mostly good. Honestly, I never lived anywhere else but in the South though I…