Tuesday, November 29, 2011

more on moving home

Moving home to most of us is one of the most stressful in our part of life….that means BIG changes. Social circle, school, job, kid’s activities etc. But I still consider myself lucky to move just down the block, thus only small changes. We have preserved almost everything like kid’s school, social circle, activities, my husband’s office which is an hour and a 15 minutes drive stays the same. It makes our home moving uncomplicated because we have anticipated almost everything since it’s not a question of changing world of work or company. From choosing the place where to live although we have considered looking somewhere which is completely out from the town we’re in. The packing which I started 6 months before the D day. Along with de-cluttering helped me to unburden all the old stuffs and could finally bid goodbye to them. My kids were really cooperative while de-cluttering their toys and that’s less job for me.

A big turmoil that is as we often stressed out thinking if things will get inside the house depending how wide the windows and doors are. Trying to gauge whether stuffs will fit in. I was surprise that moving went very smoothly, unfussy and stress-free. A stroke of luck, we have 3 entrance to new abode so we have choices where to get ahead of our stuffs. Having an easier access is something vital in a house. Grateful to many friends who came to spare free time to help us move our stuffs. And to my so called “second family” in my second home who kept my two big kids during the move. While I look after my baby and continue doing my last packing. Moving stuffs came very handy despite of our massive canapés. Friends were very supportive from A to Z. Moving turned out perfectly well.

grateful too all of them

a friend who brought his own company truck to make the move faster

Just to give you a brief hisrotry of home, it was built during the 1950’s and it is called “La Village de Picheney” . During that time there was an aluminium factory in that district. The employer built 12 houses for his of employees with families. The factory has been closed since 1988, if I am not mistaken. And so houses were sold from one person to another. According to the old owner we are the 4th holder of this house so that’s one good thing as we can see house is taken care of.. Our home is just fit for a brood of 5. The house is very functional, we have 3 big rooms, 2 toilets, bathroom, laundry area, big salon, a veranda, a garage, a garden enough to enjoy a nice meal during good season and a stock area. Plus we have a very rich apricot tree.

our new home

About our location and setting, home has an easy access to local community such as “Maison de Quartier“, commercial areas but we are still isolated from the heart of busy stores. Accessible to highway, transportation, football field and parks. Parking is very easy except if one of the neighbour celebrates and have visitor then it could be a bit harder. And since we love trekking we have a nice trek to do right on our nose. We haven’t explore it yet as we are still into fixing, arranging and improving our new abode. Along with juggling to manage three kids, activities, and errands.

So dear bloggers, sorry I cannot visit you or haven’t got enough time to update my blog but I am still here. I know, I am a bore!