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step by step

Buying a house is not like buying a pair of shoes that if it doesn’t fit you right you could bring them back to the store. It’s the major and vital financial decision in life. It could be lengthy, complex, exciting and stressful… name it ! It’s a maze of legal work, bidding, opting for a good mortgage arrangement. Most importantly finding the right home of your choice. More than anything else, financial situation is important to purchase a house. However, being emotionally & mentally prepared are also the keys to start an important project and seek for a home you can really afford. With all the aforementioned, now I can say we are ready !

I then started to check real estate magazines and internet for houses, apartments or even lands for sale in our district & neighboring cities. Our house hunting didn’t take long as we personally opted for direct selling. First, we needed to look at our budget that will fit into our financial condition. Second, real estate is costly so our fri…