Monday, January 03, 2011

way too late post

Exploring the neighbourhood regions is also interesting. The South of France has its exquisite scenery, with good food and great weather. Of course the French Riviera and Gorges du Verdon represents a lot of tourists every year. Municipalities like Orange, Arles, Ardèche, Aix-en Provence are a must sees. Big cities like Marseille, Toulon and Alpes Maritime, are a great sites to visit. The Provence is dotted with lovely little towns. Since our drama queen is asking for a visit, my family of five never says no.

Summer is not complete and won’t be a perfect getaway without having to sunbathe, getting to swim either in a pool, beach and lake. We went to spend the half of the day at Lac St. Cassien (Lake St. Cassien) with Makis. It is one of the tourist spots in the Alpes Maritime. A lovely dike of 66 metres high and produced to have an artificial lake. It is a 5 kms long, placed in water during the 1966 and it’s located near the highway which is only 12 km west of Cannes. There are lots of exciting water based leisure like boating, canoeing, fishing. There are also affordable restaurants & pizzeria to choose from.

Afraid that parking would be difficult as there were lots of tourist we went there as early as we could around 10 in the morning (well not too early). Luckily, we found a parking slot just beside the lake. We have rented a deckchair with sunshade to at least protect us from the sun especially for my Chiara. Only Makis loves sunbathing while I start to detest it meaning I didn’t even go for a swim. Just by being with my family, a friend and the sound of natural running water would always bring simple pleasure in my life. The kids have enjoyed swimming at the lake with their father. While I and Makis enjoyed catching up, looking at those tourist wondering how they could keep up their silhouette after pregnancy. How teenagers look like an adult compared to us who’s nearly our 40’s lol !

We have also visited the neighbouring village named Cabris which is 10 minutes by car from Makis's place. It was a nice short stroll into Cabris. Picture taking is a must as the village is undeniably beautiful! We have enjoyed the warm welcome of the Maravels, good cooking of Makis what else razz ! Thank you again Makis & Alex and until our next visit to your new home !