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This morning I went to my first appointment at Kinesitherapy for my perineal re-education. While on my way to the clinic, I have witnessed a violent manifestation proximity close to my children’s school. They are probably 100 to 150 hundred students on the street manifesting…I don’t know what they want ? They have put fire in the garbage bins….Alright, there is a strike every week in Marseille, I am aware of what they are protesting for those who “REALLY” know what they are fighting until certain demands have been met by the government. But these students are just there to attract attention and most especially to bother people. Les petits voyous “hooligans” who’s there just to have fun and create a big mess.

Although, there were police officers to secure the area still it was quite stressing as I walked on the street with my 6 month old baby. I wouldn’t be afraid if I am alone…I could run whatever happen. Good thing firemen came rapidly to stop the conflagration made by these morons.