Monday, October 18, 2010


This morning I went to my first appointment at Kinesitherapy for my perineal re-education. While on my way to the clinic, I have witnessed a violent manifestation proximity close to my children’s school. They are probably 100 to 150 hundred students on the street manifesting…I don’t know what they want ? They have put fire in the garbage bins….Alright, there is a strike every week in Marseille, I am aware of what they are protesting for those who “REALLY” know what they are fighting until certain demands have been met by the government. But these students are just there to attract attention and most especially to bother people. Les petits voyous “hooligans” who’s there just to have fun and create a big mess.

Although, there were police officers to secure the area still it was quite stressing as I walked on the street with my 6 month old baby. I wouldn’t be afraid if I am alone…I could run whatever happen. Good thing firemen came rapidly to stop the conflagration made by these morons.

Done with my re-education, I went on my way and an old woman angrily told me “C’est les petits merdeux de la ville qui a fait tout ça ! ”. (It’s the little hooligans of the city who did that” ! I told her I might go on my way as I have a little baby with me. She advised me to leave as it’s dangerous to stay especially for the baby. I went to the car and made a U turn to stay away from them. Took another road, unfortunately they started to leave the area the same time I did ! We met on the grand boulevard, students marching on and so I was driving all along with my 1st gear. They were in the middle of the street marching on as if they are the only person on earth and just won’t let me pass. One of the students looked at me and smiled making a thumbs up sign. I didn’t do anything but I was absolutely furious inside!

As I drove along I was on my guard ! It was my first time to see with my own two eyes delinquent students smashing telephone booths, they broke all the shaded bus stops made of glass, they threw arranged plastic garbage in the middle of the streets….seriously it’s killing me ! They aren’t manifesting at all, they are destroying everything in sight. Fake strikers exist !

I have nothing against strike but I am against their means. To block total mobilization isn’t the best solution…it’s an economic loss ! I am hoping it will end very soon. If not for my husband’s stable job we are absolutely leaving France !