Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Babies eyeball

Every year we used go to Corsica to spend summer vacation in the mountain house to disconnect ourselves from the demanding life in the city. Unfortunately, this time we’re not going due to personal reason. As for me, it’s not that bad at all as we get to visit friends nearby Marseille. And since the weather is finally getting pleasant, we've been spending more time doing outdoor activities plus our social life is at long last rejuvenated. We are often invited by friends who throw pool parties over their place.

Our first summer escapade was to visit Kala & Lila. Since they are back in France, for a year or so we were able to meet up with her and to see Lila in person. Issirac is where they have stayed together with her very nice in-laws. It’s a region of Languedoc-Roussillon in the South of France in which we never really get to explore. A two hours drive from Marseille which is nothing. I was happy to see lavander fields on the way. Didn't had the chance of taking picture as finding the country house was extremely tedious plus our super GPS shortly after turning it on went down, darn ! I was anxious already as we were lost in the middle of nowhere. Added to that, my Chiara was crying all the way and Mayumi all puked at some point because of that winding road. It was like lost in the Sahara dessert trying to find our way without any clue. Husband started to freak out while I kept my calm to avoid aggravating the situation. Lastly, I kept my spirits up by thinking happy thoughts & objectively dealing with the situation.

Furthermore, on the way there were no signals thus the conversation with Kala were cut off every now and then. We couldn't wait for the last straight line to reach the country house. Finally, we have decided to stop in one of the villages and gave Kala a call. Goodness gracious, we have established the contact and thanks to ubiquitous cellular phones we were lost and found…. just in time! Father in law was nice enough to pick us up where we stopped. Well, those are just details. The best part was the rest of the day was spent with a very nice conversation with Kala and her in-laws over a nice lunch. A long nap for Chiara and a quick one for Lila. While the kids, hubby and Kala’s father in-law enjoyed swimming at the pool. Kala and me were able to catch up and chat about everything.

Chiara meets Lila

Thanks for lending me your bob hat Lila !

Kala and I also did a short swim with them. Taking pictures of everyone is indispensable. But will post few of them. Though it was a short meeting we had a great day indeed ! And it was my first time to see harvested fresh truffes by Flute (the truffe hunter) and to have met pretty Lila biggrin !