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Third time's the Charm

Things....time......everything goes by really fast. I just cannot imagine that I will be admitted to hospital in 2 and a half months time. Restarting all over again from breastfeeding, sleepless nights, changing diapers to potty training and vice versa. I can see myself from now how will my journey could turn up side down and days could be shorter since I have two kids who go to school, bring them to their extra curricular activities plus taking care of a newborn baby. Bottom line, this job requires to be thrice organized than I was and to follow a srtict time management, well those are basically the keys to accomplish more or at the very least we could do everyday. Become more efficient with my time so as to avoid stress at the end of the day.

First the good thing about this is, I am glad that my daughter already accepted the idea to eat at the canteen. Meaning, I will have the rest of the day from taking care of the baby (my Me and baby time) , doing the household chores and getting…