Friday, February 12, 2010

Third time's the Charm

Things....time......everything goes by really fast. I just cannot imagine that I will be admitted to hospital in 2 and a half months time. Restarting all over again from breastfeeding, sleepless nights, changing diapers to potty training and vice versa. I can see myself from now how will my journey could turn up side down and days could be shorter since I have two kids who go to school, bring them to their extra curricular activities plus taking care of a newborn baby. Bottom line, this job requires to be thrice organized than I was and to follow a srtict time management, well those are basically the keys to accomplish more or at the very least we could do everyday. Become more efficient with my time so as to avoid stress at the end of the day.

First the good thing about this is, I am glad that my daughter already accepted the idea to eat at the canteen. Meaning, I will have the rest of the day from taking care of the baby (my Me and baby time) , doing the household chores and getting some errands done. Before it was so hard for her to accept it but when we tried to explain why, she in return completely undesrtood the situation.

My children are topsy turvy most of the time like most of the kids. They can be lazy. Second, when they started going to school I have already trained my children to help me a little bit at home. To teach them to be autonomous. Giving them easy duties to get done, like arranging their toys, throwing the rubbish such as (plastics, papers, etc) in the garbage and sorted it our already as we have separate garbages for the recyclable and soiled ones. Every after meal, they are capable to arrange plates and won't wait for me anymore. In the long run this will be one of the biggest time management that helps me during the day. It became a habit for them. An organization is a skill learned over time and I am personally grateful to my parents for this as I am doing the same practice and instilled in the same manner to my children.

Wish me good luck for the coming of another baby and that I will be able to make everything in order. This is going to be a tough job but with the help of my husband and children they will make it easier for me !