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well merited

Four days to go and summer break starts for us . It's not in my character to brag but I feel like bragging today! It's not a secret at all that parents like bragging about their children. Or probably, I am just proudly bursting with pride as a parent. Last week we have received our kid's class evaluation report and we were indeed happy of their performances at school. This year will be Sébastien's last year in kindergarten. Next school year will be the start of another challenge as he will enter CP (Cours Préparatoire) Preparatory course or the equivalent for Grade 1. First class of elementary school in French school system. The preparatory course is crucial for the students as it begins in a formal learning of reading. Of course, it may have started in big section of maternal level which is not mandatory in France. Despite this, the first non-mandatory schooling helped every students to prepare themselves to enter the Preparatory course which is compulsary. I kn…

On Mother's Day !

Aside from hugs.... kisses.....poems....emails.....e-cards.....etc and for the personalised gifts and cards I got from my lovely kids that made me ecstatically happy. This made my day.....received from a very good friend thanks a lot !!!! Happy mother's day to you too Hilda !

......And A Video !

A story that makes a lot of sense

I have an inspiring story to share coming from a good friend (she’s like a big sister to me) whom I met when I arrived in France. She has been living here since 1980 and have had irregular status together with her 2 sisters when they first came to work in France. Her status has been regularised only after 10 years of working and hiding from the authority. Just imagine, 10 years of not seeing your family back home….undeniably complex.. Many times she has missed important birthdays and special occasions but she has compelling reasons for that. She has finished her degree back home. After graduation she worked with different companies but salary was not enough and she was not happy about it. Working abroad is a way out to earn a decent salary. And because they have encountered financial problems unfortunately, their business went bankrupt therefore she moved overseas together with her sisters in search of better opportunities. An option to grab with their eyes closed. It’s true that…