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vamos a la casa!

Yesterday it was a big and important match between France and Spain. Before the game started I tuned into TF1 and watched an interesting interview between the supporters of the two teams.

Spain Supporters : Oh well, I know that this time we will win against France! We have a very young players and they are in good form, they have the best techinques compared from the past years. We know that we always lost against FRANCE but this time, it gonna be SPAIN !

**With all the supporters in the background waving, cheering, screaming and showing with pride the flag of Spain...with their make ups in red**

France supporters : We maybe have the old players but they are more experienced! I know that this match will be difficult but we are confident that we will win! Afterall, Spain didn't win even a single match against us! Allez les Blues! Allez les France! ( Go Blue, Go France)

That night, when Ribery marked the first but...I was screaming and Bernard didn't stop running and dancing around …

the best but imperfect

Due to some reasons this is a way too late for Father's Day. Anyway, as the saying goes it is better late than never, right!?

Growing up I've always known my father as a strong person..... I've seen him raging in anger whenever things aren't done correctly or the way it should be. He never fears of anything even to the point of risking his own well being for the sake of his family or for the others.

That he never feels pain....I've seen him on a tough situations but he always stands out courageously facing life's difficulties. He gave us a beautiful gift of seeing humour even in the most difficult circumstances.

That he never cries.... Normally, men don't cry even just for a movie but believe me he did! I've seen him cried which proves of his sensitivity and I always believed that a strong man is never afraid to cry!

And he's always right (even he's not).... A father is always proud of themselves and often called the man of the house. You cannot bre…

weekends recap

If someone would ask me what is my favorite season that would be SPRING ! Not too hot nor too cold. I am imagining already the transient beauty and blooming flowers everywhere, fleeting's season of savorous cherries and strawberries. The goddess sunbathers of David (i call them) one piece, two pieces, topless name it we've got it, they're everywhere. Because of this abrupt transitions there goes the dramatic change of one's tune! La Mode (the fashion), the women and men in their best attire. Women, from pullover and thick leather jackets to sexy and short dresses, from close shoes to tongs (slippers or sandals) and stiletto high helled shoes. Men, in their sports wear, hunky shirts, printed shorts and sunglasses! They seem to enjoy and embrace the SPRING! Although this would also mean we will have MISTRAL in the south of France and our being allergic to pollen. Since the month of May has many long weekends we decided to spend it without wasting any single minute of it!